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MS 419 has collaborated with Gallup to provide students, faculty and staff an opportunity to learn about their strengths and how they can enhance their personal, academic and future aspirations.

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Why are we providing this experience for our school community?

Building a strengths-based school means harnessing the potential of educators and students to empower individuals to do what they do best. Integrating strengths into a school requires implementing strategies that affect all aspects of the school and capitalizing on a systematic strengths-based development process for students, educators, and parents.

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Gallup StrengthsExplorer can support your success and engagement as a leader at MS 419 by:

  • Increasing your self-awareness. Effective leaders know what they do well, and they find ways to apply their talents authentically and productively.

  • Deepening your knowledge and appreciation of others' talents. As you learn more about your own talents, you will begin to see the unique talents in others.

  • Forming and maximizing teams. Understanding each team members' talents will give you new insights into how the team can perform to its full potential.

  • Helping others to affirm, develop, and apply their talents. As a leader who understands your own talents and how to apply them productively, you can lead others to develop and apply their talents.

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