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Middle School 419 is the Home of the BRAVE Tigers. Our vision is to cultivate a community that amplifies each individual’s strengths, multilingualism, and fosters a love for learning that is culturally relevant.


By the time students graduate, they will have developed a strong sense of self, voice, and identity; have the tools to act socially and emotionally intelligent; embrace their multilingualism; be conscious of their impact on the world; and engage responsibly in a global society. We promote intellectual curiosity and empower civic-oriented learners to achieve their full potential. 



The members of the M.S. 419 community are a dynamic team of educators that believe innovation, creativity, multilingualism and research-based practices can transform education. Our students and faculty are socially, emotionally, academically intelligent, and conscious of their impact on their communities. We are committed to maximizing the middle school experience by giving students opportunities to explore their full capacity by remaining adaptive to technological advancements and empowering diversity to become global leaders. 

We aim to achieve this by:

  • Providing rigorous data-driven, research-based curriculum that is inclusive,  multiliterate, and culturally responsive with differentiated entry points;

  • Designing opportunities for students to engage with civics, STEM, computer science, environmental studies, financial literacy, digital media, and the arts;

  • Equipping students with tools and strategies that enable them to be socially emotionally intelligent &  conscious of their impact on the world;

  • Partnering with families, organizations, and cultural institutions to enhance student achievement; 

  • Developing teacher pedagogy by providing relevant, meaningful professional development utilizing analysis of data trends to make informed decisions; 

  • Remaining adaptive to the needs of our community, students, and demands of technological advancements;

  • Establishing a sense of comradery  amongst all stakeholders to drive the vision & mission of the school community as a whole. 


  • Tigers are known for their tenacity, independence, and unique pattern of stripes.

  • These characteristics represent the middle school age group and their developmental stage. 

  • As teenagers, they are learning more about their individuality, becoming more independent, and honing the tenacity to overcome the challenges of adolescence as they prepare for adulthood.

  • No two tigers have the same stripes and at M.S. 419 we celebrate our diversity.  

  • Our logo features the iconic Unisphere, which represents our borough’s capacity for global innovation and achievement.



We seek to build trust in every relationship. An inclusive, nurturing community where individuals trust each other by bringing their own uniqueness for personal growth and academic development through collaboration, social emotional support, and accountability; thereby leading to the success of all.


We are both honest and driven by a clear moral compass. We learn from mistakes, celebrate success and encourage resilience. We help each other become the people we want to be.


 We have growth mindsets. We always believe we can improve and work every day to learn something new. In order to be successful, all individuals will uphold high expectations for themselves and each other in our community.


We have the ability to identify and understand another person’s feelings. We maintain safe spaces for people to express themselves and their backgrounds respectfully. We intentionally seek out many different perspectives in our community and curricula.


We respect one another’s right to safety and dignity. We will be civil and polite through our words and actions. We intentionally create and celebrate our diverse community. We find commonalities in our differences.

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