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Welcome to the Parent Teacher Association page!

Becoming active in the PA provides additional opportunities for parents and guardians to be informed and become involved in the school community and in your child’s educational progress and successes.  Monthly PA meetings will be pre-scheduled for the entire year, announced via letters, school messaging application, and school website.  Meetings will be scheduled on a monthly basis. Parent attendance at these meetings is very important because school information is shared. Throughout the year, the PA will host many events in order to build community relations and raise funds for our school and our students.  All parents are encouraged to take part in these events and become part of the various PA committees & sub-committees that will be made available throughout the year.

Upcoming PTA Meeting Dates

Mèkredi, 6 PM

14 desanm 2022

18 janvye 2022

15 fevriye 2022

15 mas 2022

19 avril 2022

17 me 2022

14 jen 2022

Kabinè PTA


Elivra Rojas


Nancy Chacón



Grisela Priego-Rosales

PTA Recordings

Here you will find the video recordings for the previous PTA Meetings. 

November 17, 2022
Title 1 and PTA Meeting Recordings

Anrejistreman reyinyon PTA 27 oktòb 2022

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